May 14, 2011

Safety Kevin Brown has sights on the Black Knights

One of the unique traits of being a coach at Army is having the insight to find that diamond in the rough. Not just someone who excels on the football field, but also in the classroom. The marriage of the student-athlete is not a buzz word for the Army staff, but it is a manner in which they must recruit.

So when Black Knights' fullback coach, Joe Ross extended an offer to safety Kevin Brown, it was clear that the staff feels that the hard-hitting prospect is the real deal and has the potential to add value wearing the Black & Gold, as well as being a West Point Cadet.

"Coach Joe Ross offered me when he came down last week," says Brown, who wasn't the only prospect from Lawrence Central High School in Indianapolis to turn the heads of the Army staff.

"He offered me and Wes Rodgers at the same time. I like the fact they are Independent and he talked to us about 1 hours and talked about West Point … We really like it and both talked about it afterwards."

It is clear that Brown is a top priority prospect for the Black Knights' staff and all one has to do is see his on the field accomplishments, along with his classroom aptitude.

"I actually talked to Coach Ross yesterday and we were emailing each other back and forth."

In the classroom, Brown maintains a 3.5 GPA - 3.5 and is in AP literature and composition, along AP History.

"I plan on majoring in either Bio-medical engineering or Pre-med, but most likely bio-medical engineering," shares the 6-foot-0, 195 pound safety, doesn't hesitate to discuss his style of play.

"I'm a hard hitter and very aggressive. Coach Ross saw me basically at strong safety or as they call it, the Rover position. He said he likes the fast physical guys at either outside or safety. I can cover deep well and I'm more flexible and limber now because of track."

Brown makes his mark literally in track, where he participates in the long jump, with a personal best of 21.9. He indicated that he is comfortable that he will qualify for the state champion meet, if and when he hits the mark in the upcoming sectionals. "I should make it to the states, but there is a lot of competition out there," shares Brown, who indicated that he ranks 8th or 9th in the state.

So, what is Brown looking for in a school? "Basically, great academic programs, that it has my major and football wise, I like the family style, with the coaches and players are tight, where they have a strong bond."

Many of the schools currently showing Brown the most interest are located in the Midwest, but according the prospect from Indiana, playing on the East Coast would not present a concern.

It would be an honor to play at either Army or Air Force. But, I would say Army is the one I would consider the most. What Coach Ross presented to me and what Air Force presented … Army really stood out.

- Safety recruit, Kevin Brown

Army Stands Out

"That was what I was talking to coach Ross about," he says. "I know the tradition is deep there. It would be an honor to play at either Army or Air Force. But, I would say Army is the one I would consider the most. What Coach Ross presented to me and what Air Force presented … Army really stood out."

So does that suggest that he would be making a visit to the West Point campus? "It going to be one of my five official visits and they are one of the schools that really has stood out, although I haven't made an official list yet," declares Brown.

Of the schools showing interest, Brown pointed out that Western Michigan, Ball State and Western Kentucky are recruiting him the hardest.

In 2011, he finished with 65 tackles and four forced fumbles, which is pretty impressive for a young man that is just learning the true intimacy of the game.

"This is my first year playing football … I got cut from basketball," laughs Brown and I just picked up real fast."

"Indiana is strictly basketball, where everyone thinks they are going to the NBA. Getting cut was a shocker and the coach sat me down, he said that I'm not putting all my effort in the right sport."

"I asked him what he meant, and he said, look at you … your size, you have big hands, you are fast and strong … you should play football. So, I talked to my parents and then the football coach, where we just worked it out."

Brown's parents are an important component of his life where he values not only their direction, but input. So it was no surprise that when he received the offer from Army, he wanted to get feedback from his folks.

"They said that's really an honor and you have to be real smart to get into West Point," shares a very proud Brown, as he reflects upon the moment and his parents comments. "It won't be easy but if you really want to consider it then you have to approach it seriously and take into consideration what goes with it."

"I'm really down with that and that's one of the things I like about it," says Brown. will continue to follow Brown's recruiting throughout.

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