May 17, 2011

Adams recruitment picking up

Oaks Christian School in Westlake Village, CA was founded in 2000 and since then has become a perennial powerhouse in California football. The Lions have won seven sectional titles in their short history and one state title in 2006-07. The school has put out some elite talent including Jimmy Clausen, Cassius Marsh, Anthony Gildon and Casey Mathews. This year the Lions hope to continue their winning ways and will rely on the help of Rivals' 100 member Ishmael Adams to complete their journey. At 5-foot-10 and 185 pounds Adams has made some noise compiling over a dozen offers already and after winning the DB MVP at the LA Nike camp he has seen his stock soar. Duck Sports Authority recently spoke to Adams to get an update on his recruitment.

"It's going good. A lot of coaches are coming up to the school and seeing me and a few other players and everything," Adams said. "We basically had a coach a day. I'm hearing from a lot of schools. ASU and Oregon both have came and talked to me a lot. A lot of schools have come by and seen me though."

Adams has offers from Oregon, Notre Dame, Washington, UCLA, Arizona and several others with Utah being the latest to reach out. The talented Adams is originally from Georgia and although Auburn showed some early interest he is a little disappointed in the lack of interest from the SEC.

"I haven't really heard from many SEC schools. I was a little disappointed but I'm good if I don't get anymore schools to talk to me. I'll be good right now with what I have."

Adams has heard from Georgia Tech however and he is also looking into Eastern Carolina where his father went to school.

"I'm still looking into those schools on the east," explained Adams. "Georgia Tech is obviously a good program as far as schools so I'm looking into them. Eastern Carolina is my dad's alma mater so I am taking a look and talking to him about that."

As for the Ducks, their interest level is definitely high. Coach John Neal recently took a visit to Oaks Christian to watch Adams workout and Adams says the defensive backs coach came away impressed.

"He said I made a good first impression. That's the most important thing. Showing him what kind of a kid I am and that I'm respectful and hard working and just showing him what I really want in a school."

Adams has not yet made it up to Eugene to check out the campus and facilities but says that he is talking to his mom to try to work that out this summer. Even without visiting yet Adams says there is a lot to like about Oregon.

"I definitely like Coach Neal. Our conversation really made me like him a lot. They are becoming a real good program overall. It's their second year in a row where they have done something big.

"I'm looking forward to seeing that continue," Adams continued. "They have great facilities and I just need to see if they have my major there. That is certainly a big part of it and they're really supportive with school. That's' real big with me and it will be real big with my mom."

Adams will try to narrow down his choice of schools early this summer and will try to make a decision before his season kicks off. If he can't make a decision before the season starts Adams will likely wait until signing day.

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