July 23, 2011

Vanderbilt pursuing local combo kicker

Landon Foster

Recruiting is going pretty well. It's definitely a roller coaster ride, and I remember someone telling me early on, once you think you know what's going to happen, it's going to change, and that'll happen at least 3 or times. And that is definitely true. Several times I thought I had everything figured out, but things ended up changing. Things are definitely looking up for the future. It's definitely a great feeling to have some offers as a specialist as it is a much harder position to get a scholarship. However, with so many specialist commits at this point of the year, I do believe the bigger teams are finally realizing how important specialty positions are to the game.

2. Overall, my visits have been going pretty good. My last visit didn't quite go as planned and it's definitely changed my view as a recruit of everything as well as put every school "back in the race," I guess you could say.

The camp went well. There were tons of specialists there, I think Coach Bankins said around 80 attended, definitely one of the bigger specialist camps I have been to this summer.
4. Vandy, as well as most schools, like the fact that I am very versatile. Coach Bankins described what they were looking for perfectly, "A guy that majors in punting and minors in kicking." That's one of my biggest attributes, as I believe I am a Division 1 punter and a division 1 kicker. Also, what I have heard from both Coach Franklin and especially Coach Donovan, is that I just make too much sense for them, and vice versa. They said it's just the perfect fit and we'd be stupid to pass you up. Obviously it's very close to home, and they are looking for that, I'm looking for a great education probably doing pre-med as an undergrad, and I already have a great relationship with Carey (Spear). When you lay it all out, it does just make too much sense both ways.

With Vandy, I would probably redshirt my freshman year as Richard Kent would be a RS Senior my freshman year.

6. Um, right now, as I said earlier, it's all up in the air again. Some other schools interested right now include Mizzou, Alabama, and Miami.

7. Big factors for me include: Atmosphere (overall), Education, the program, relationships with everybody (coaches/players), plans once I get there, the City. Those are some of the big factors

8. I would like to get it done sooner than later for sure. A set date/timetable has not been set. Since things have opened back up, I would ideally like to wait and take some officials, which I hate to do, because I know the coaches want to know early, understandably so. However, I want to make the right decision on my first decision, and several of the schools say that they won't know if they are offering anyone until August, so I also want to see how those play out.

I mean you can say plenty of things help your success on the field, but it's honestly just hard work. Also, I have a great coach, Craig Hentrich, long time Punter for the Titans. He is one heck of a tool to have at my fingertips. To be able to just call up someone like that and say, "Hey I've been having a little trouble overstriding again," and his response is "When and Where, I'll be there." is just unbelievable. He is just a great guy, and can not thank him enough for everything he has done for me. But back to the question, it's just hard work on your technique over and over again.

It's definitely looking up; anyone you ask will say that we will rely heavily on our defense, which is very true. We are returning many great players on defense. However, we have work to do on all three sides of the ball, and we all know it. These next couple weeks will be huge, and I wish I could tell you more about how we look, but I haven't been at more than 7 or 8 workouts this summer due to all of my camps, which honestly kills me. As a senior, and a leader, to not know how workouts have been going and not be able to push everyone is kind of scary but I have faith in everyone, and it should be an enjoyable senior season.

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