Its all in the smile

Gerald McCoy is one of the most dominant defensive tackles in the country.
If you couldn't tell from his 6'4", 305 pound frame, the point could be proven in each one of his punishing sacks seen time and time again on his recruiting videos.
But you would never know it by talking to him.
He reaches out to shake your hand and flashes his huge smile which never seems to leave his face. But then again, if you were the #1 rated defensive tackle in the country, you'd be smiling too.
"This is a real exciting time for me. It's been crazy, but fun," says McCoy about his recruiting process so far.
Colleges all across the country have are vying for the Southeast High School prospect's services which has led to letters, emails and phone calls every night. Even with his hectic schedule, Gerald has taken the time out to schedule some official visits to major programs all across the country.
"As far as visits go, I'm going to Notre Dame on the 15th (October), Miami on the 22nd, USC on November 5th, and Virginia Tech on the 26th. I'm trying to fit in a time to go to Tennessee."
One topic that kept coming up in our conversation was the surprising season that the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame are having.
It also helps that McCoy's friend from childhood, LaRon Moore is scheduling a visit at the same time.
"George West is gonna go there and LaRon really likes them right now. They're just gonna go down there with me and see what's up. We make all of our decisions together."
Even though two of his closest friends have one school at the top of their lists, Gerald still says that the race for his commitment is still anyone's game.
"It's all open right now. I don't plan on making my choice until a lot closer to signing day. I'm just gonna take all my visits and go from there."
All in All, being one of the most sought after recruits in the country is not a bad situation to be in, just ask Gerald.
More than likely, he'll reply with a smile.